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Are you wondering how to find your Antminer IP address?

If you own an Antminer miner, finding its IP address is crucial for configuring and monitoring your device. In this guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding the IP address of your Antminer.

1. Connect your Antminer miner to the network

Before you can find the IP address of your Antminer, you need to make sure that it is properly connected to your network. Connect your Antminer to your router using an Ethernet cable. Ensure that both the Antminer and the router are powered on.

2. Check your router for connected devices

The next step is to access your router settings and check for connected devices. Open a web browser on a device that is connected to the same network as your Antminer. Type the IP address of your router in the browser’s address bar and press Enter. You will be prompted to enter your router’s username and password. Once logged in, look for a section called “Connected Devices” or “Device List.”

3. Look for your Antminer in the list

In the “Connected Devices” or “Device List” section, you should see a list of devices that are connected to your router. Look for the device name or MAC address associated with your Antminer. The IP address of your Antminer should be listed next to it.

4. Use a network scanning tool

If you are unable to find your Antminer’s IP address through your router’s settings, you can use a network scanning tool to discover it. There are various network scanning tools available, both online and offline, that can help you identify the IP address assigned to your Antminer.

5. Use the IP Reporter tool

In case the previous methods didn’t work, you can utilize the IP Reporter tool provided by Bitmain, the manufacturer of Antminer. This tool allows you to find the IP address of your Antminer by connecting it to your computer via a USB cable. Simply download and run the IP Reporter tool on your computer, and it will detect and display the IP address of your Antminer.


Finding the IP address of your Antminer is essential for optimizing and managing your mining operations. Whether you prefer checking your router settings, using network scanning tools, or utilizing the IP Reporter tool, following these steps will help you find the IP address of your Antminer.

Remember to ensure that your Antminer is connected to the network and powered on before attempting to find its IP address. Once you have the IP address, you can access the web-based interface of your Antminer and configure it according to your mining preferences. Happy mining!

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