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What is the HS Code for Bitmain Antminer?

The HS Code, also known as the Harmonized System Code, is a standardized system used internationally to classify traded products. In the case of Bitmain Antminer, the HS Code helps customs authorities and trade organizations identify and categorize these specific mining products during importation or exportation.

What is the HS Code for Antminer?

The HS Code for Antminer is a subcategory of the broader HS Code for Bitmain Antminer. It specifically refers to the classification of Antminer products, which are a type of ASIC miner designed and manufactured by Bitmain Technologies.

Why is the HS Code Important?

The HS Code plays a significant role in international trade by providing a standardized language for customs officials and trade organizations to communicate. It ensures that the correct duties, taxes, and regulations are applied to each product being imported or exported. Additionally, the HS Code helps maintain data on the volume and value of global trade for specific goods, such as Bitmain Antminer.

HS Code for Bitmain Antminer and Antminer

The HS Code for Bitmain Antminer and Antminer products is 85177090. This specific code falls under the broader category of “Electrical Machinery and Equipment” and is further classified as “Machines for the Reception, Conversion, and Transmission or Regeneration of Voice, Images or Other Data.”

Importing Bitmain Antminer and Antminer: HS Code Regulations

When importing Bitmain Antminer or Antminer products, it is essential to follow the appropriate regulations and procedures related to the assigned HS Code. Here are key points to consider:
  • HSN Code: In India, Bitmain Antminer and Antminer products fall under the HSN Code 8471, which covers automatic data processing machines and units.
  • Customs Duties: Import duties and taxes may vary depending on the country and its specific regulations. It is crucial to consult with the customs authority or seek professional advice to determine the applicable charges.
  • Documentation: When importing Bitmain Antminer or Antminer products, it is necessary to prepare and submit relevant documentation, including commercial invoices, packing lists, and any other required certificates.
  • Product Compliance: Ensure that the imported Bitmain Antminer or Antminer products comply with local regulations and safety standards, as non-compliance may lead to unnecessary delays or rejection of the goods.

Exporting Bitmain Antminer and Antminer: HS Code Regulations

For exporting Bitmain Antminer or Antminer products, the same HS Code regulations outlined above should be taken into consideration. It is essential to understand the import regulations of the destination country to comply with their customs requirements. Additionally, it is advisable to check if any export permits or licenses are necessary to facilitate the exportation process.


Understanding the HS Code for Bitmain Antminer and Antminer products is crucial for navigating the import and export processes smoothly. By adhering to the regulations associated with the HS Code, importers and exporters can ensure compliance with customs authorities, streamline international trade operations, and avoid potential complications along the way. Remember to always consult with relevant trade organizations or customs professionals to ensure up-to-date and accurate information regarding HS Codes and associated regulations.

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