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If you’re in the process of building or renovating a deck, choosing the right timber is crucial. One popular option to consider is 1-inch x 1-inch timber. In this article, we will explore the various factors to consider when selecting this type of timber for your decking project.

Understanding the Benefits of 1-Inch x 1-Inch Timber

1-inch x 1-inch timber offers several advantages for decking projects. Firstly, its small size makes it easy to work with and provides flexibility in designing your deck. Additionally, this size is ideal for creating intricate patterns or adding unique touches to your deck’s overall appearance.

Choosing the Right Type of Timber

When selecting 1-inch x 1-inch timber, it’s essential to consider the type of wood used. Different types of timber have varying levels of durability, resistance to decay, and maintenance needs. Some of the popular wood options for decking include treated wood, cedar, and tropical hardwoods.

Treated Wood

Treated wood is often the go-to option for deck builders due to its affordability and resistance to decay. It undergoes a treatment process that enhances its durability and protects it against rot, insects, and fungal growth. Treated timber is an excellent choice for those on a budget or looking for a low-maintenance decking solution.


Cedar is a popular choice for decking due to its natural resistance to decay and insects. It offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance, with its warm tones and natural grain patterns. However, it is important to note that cedar requires regular maintenance to preserve its appearance and prevent it from weathering.

Tropical Hardwoods

Tropical hardwoods, such as ipe and mahogany, are known for their exceptional durability and longevity. These timbers are naturally resistant to decay, rot, and insects, making them an excellent choice for high-end, long-lasting decks. However, they are generally more expensive and may require specialized tools for installation.

Considerations for Your Decking Accessories

When working with 1-inch x 1-inch timber, it’s important to consider the accessories required for your deck. These can include decking screws, joist hangers, corner brackets, and railing systems. Ensure that your chosen accessories are compatible with the size and type of timber you’ve selected.

Maintaining Your 1-Inch x 1-Inch Timber

Proper maintenance is crucial to extend the lifespan and appearance of your 1-inch x 1-inch timber decking. Regular cleaning, sealing, and re-staining can help protect the wood from moisture, UV damage, and everyday wear and tear. Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and recommendations for the specific type of timber you have chosen.


When it comes to decking, the selection of timber plays a significant role in the durability and overall aesthetics of your project. By considering factors such as the type of wood, decking accessories, and necessary maintenance, you can ensure that your 1-inch x 1-inch timber deck will be both functional and visually appealing. So, take the time to explore your options, and enjoy the process of creating your dream outdoor space.

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