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What is the 1inch API Rate Limit?

The 1inch API rate limit refers to the maximum number of requests that can be made to the 1inch API within a specific time frame. It is a mechanism implemented by 1inch to ensure fair usage of their API services and prevent abuse.

Default Rate Limit

By default, the rate limit for the 1inch API is set to a certain number of requests per minute. This means that if you exceed the allowed number of requests within a minute, you may receive an error response or be temporarily blocked from accessing the API.

How to Check the Rate Limit

To check the rate limit for the 1inch API, you can make a request to the API and inspect the response headers. The rate limit information is typically included in the headers, indicating the maximum number of requests allowed within a specific time period.

Handling Rate Limit Exceedance

If you exceed the rate limit for the 1inch API, there are a few options you can consider:

  • Wait for the rate limit to reset: The rate limit is often reset after a certain period of time. You can wait until the rate limit is reset and then make your requests again.
  • Optimize your API usage: Evaluate your usage patterns and see if there are any inefficiencies that can be improved. For example, you can batch multiple requests into a single request or implement caching mechanisms.
  • Upgrade your API plan: If you consistently find yourself hitting the rate limit, consider upgrading to a higher-tier API plan that offers a higher rate limit.

API Metrics for Rate Limiting

The 1inch API relies on various metrics to enforce the rate limit. Some of the metrics that may be taken into account include:

  • Request frequency: The number of requests being made within a specific time period.
  • Request type: Different types of requests may have different rate limits assigned to them.
  • API key: Rate limits can be associated with specific API keys, allowing for different rate limits based on the key being used.


The 1inch API rate limit is an important aspect to consider when using the 1inch API. By understanding the rate limit, checking it regularly, and implementing optimizations when necessary, users can ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience when accessing 1inch’s API services.

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