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What are discarded shares on Antminer?

Discarded shares are a common occurrence in mining using Antminer devices. When a mining pool receives shares from miners, it evaluates them based on certain criteria to determine their validity. If a share is deemed valid, it contributes to the pool’s overall mining effort. However, if a share is considered invalid or doesn’t meet the pool’s criteria, it is discarded.

Causes for discarded shares

There can be several reasons why Antminer shares are discarded. One common cause is network latency, where the delay in transmitting mining results to the pool increases the chances of a share being discarded. Another reason could be hardware or software issues, such as outdated firmware or unstable internet connections. Additionally, overclocking the Antminer beyond its capabilities can also lead to a higher rate of discarded shares.

How to fix discarded shares on Antminer?

If you are experiencing a high number of discarded shares on your Antminer, there are several steps you can take to address the issue: 1. Check your internet connection: Ensure that you have a stable and reliable internet connection. Unstable connections can result in higher latency and increased discarded shares. 2. Upgrade firmware: Keep your Antminer’s firmware up to date. Manufacturers release firmware updates that often improve stability and performance, reducing the chances of discarded shares. 3. Review pool settings: Double-check the settings of the mining pool you are connected to. Some pools have different criteria for accepting shares. Consider switching to a pool with more lenient criteria if you are consistently experiencing a high rate of discarded shares. 4. Optimize mining software: If you are using CGMiner or similar software, review the configuration settings. Adjusting the intensity, thread concurrency, or other parameters may help reduce discarded shares. 5. Adjust overclocking settings: If you have overclocked your Antminer, consider reverting it to the default settings. Overclocking can destabilize the device and increase discarded shares. 6. Monitor device temperature: Excessive heat can cause hardware instabilities. Ensure that your Antminer is adequately cooled to avoid any thermal throttling that may increase the rate of discarded shares.


Discarded shares can be frustrating for miners using Antminer devices, but with some troubleshooting and optimizations, you can minimize their occurrence. By ensuring a stable internet connection, keeping your firmware up to date, reviewing pool settings, optimizing mining software, adjusting overclocking settings, and monitoring device temperatures, you can improve your mining efficiency and reduce discarded shares. Remember, the key is to find the right balance between performance and stability to maximize your mining rewards. Happy mining!

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